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    resources and forums for actors
    Books, magazine articles, teachers and classes, interviews, dvd movie reviews, and other resources about the Sanford Meisner Approach to Acting
    Contact Information (Agents, Casting Directors, etc.); how to get started in the field of acting; how to choose the right monologue for you; acting related newsgroups
  • Bauman theatre forums
    emphasizing physical theatre styles in performance and actor training


  • Great Britain and United States
    • Backstage
      offering a Performer's Resource for East and West Coast and for the U.K.
    • English Actors at the turn of the 20th Century
      historical pictures
      , from a book entitled "Players of the Day", published in London by George Newnes, circa 1902.
    • The Professional Actors Network
      made by actors for actors, is dedicated to supporting fellow actors, offering their expertise, sharing their experiences in the industry and supporting the advancement of each others careers

Ancient Theatre

  • 15th-18th Centuries
    • Le Balet de la Reine, an Analysis
      performed on October 15, 1581 in either the Louvre's Great Salle or in the Salle de Bourbon of the Petit Palais. University of Washington, School of Drama
    • The Baroque Ring - List of sites
      all sites in the Baroque Ring deal with baroque music, art, history, or literature
    • Centre for Research in Early Theatre - Records of Early English Drama (REED)
      REED is an international scholarly project that is establishing the broad context from which the great drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries grew
      . The website has put together an annotated list sites which are particularly interesting or helpful, plus other useful research sites.The site also offers Five 16th Century Latin Plays in English Translation.
    • Commedia
      a site about the Italian Commedia dell'Arte
    • The Development of Scenic Spectacle
      devoted to the study of spectacle  on the Renaissance and Baroque stage. A project under the direction of Dr. Frank Mohler, sponsored in part by the USITT New Initiatives Fund
    • Elizabethan Costuming Page
      a rich collection of resources on Elizabethan costume
    • Florimène at the Court of Charles I
      an animated interactive exploration and reconstruction of Inigo Jones' great court masque. The interactive animated version of Florimène may be downloaded free of charge. The software is provided as a service to the academic community by students and faculty at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, U.S.A
    • Historical Dance
      The Journal of the Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society
    • Jesuitentheater in Deutschland
      by Christof Wolf. In German
    • York Doomsday Project
      a multimedia computer project on the fifteenth-century York Mystery Plays, arguably the most famous of the cycles, into a research project exploring all aspects of the plays and their various social, intellectual, religious, and theatrical contexts. It also aims to present the surviving evidence around the original performance in a completely new way, using both traditional and innovative techniques
    • Musica antica e Danza storica in Italia / Early Music and Historical Dance in Italy
      site of the Italian Association for Early Music and Historical Dances
    • Perform
      Medieval and Renaissance Performance Listserv Discussion Group
    • Renaissance Dance
      archives of Rendance, a mailing list for discussion of Renaissance dance focused on dance reconstruction, with links to other online resources
    • The Parisian Stage during the French Revolution
      a database of plays performed in Paris from 1789 to 1799. Each performance record shows the date of performance, author(s) and composer(s), title, theatre, genre, number of acts, year of publication, and date of first performance. Reports are sorted by date of performance, principal author, and title. The database contains 90,744 performances for the 10 year period under examination
    • Le Théâtre de la Foire à Paris
      par Barry Russell: un tableau du théâtre de la foire, tel qu'il existait à Paris au 17e et, éventuellement, au 18e siècles: les premiers opéras de marionnettes (1676), et une vue insolite de la saison théâtrale de l'année 1678 : des pièces de théâtre anciennes, dont quelques-unes étaient introuvables ou même inconnues jusqu'ici, des documents parfois inédits, et des informations de base.
    • The World of London Theater--1660-1800
      a collaborative project produced by the students at the University of Florida
  • 19th-20th Centuries
    • Actors of the Early American Theater
      From a book entitled "Players of the Day", published in London by George Newnes, circa 1902
    • The American Stage of To-Day
      Text by William Winter - E.F. Collier & Sons, Publishers, 1910. Hypertext adaptation by
      ELAC Theatre
    • American Variety Stage Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920
      a multimedia anthology selected from various Library of Congress holdings. Included are English- and Yiddish-language playscripts, playbills and programs, motion pictures, sound recordings, photographs and memorabilia items documenting the life and career of Harry Houdini.
    • Biomechanics
      Meyerhold's Visionary Theater. This link features a virtual reality walk-through of the theater designed by Meyerhold. One of the earliest examples of architectural "interactivity," the theater was never actually completed.
    • City of London Theatre
      The Royal City of London Theatre (1837-1868) will serve us as an example of a more or less typical London playhouse in the mid-XIX century, furnishing popular entertainment to the predominantly working class and mercantile audiences of the London East End at the age of industrialization. There is no complete study of the City of London Theatre history. This research, therefore, is the first attempt to such a study
    • Öffentliche Vergnügungen in Berlin / 1848
      a list of all plays, operas, concerts and circus attraction in Berlin, in 1848, by Paul S. Ulrich
    • Footlight Notes
      Theatre - Music Hall - Vaudeville - Musical Comedy - Revue and other popular entertainment 1850s-1920s, by John Culme
    • The 19th Century London Stage
      This document resulted from the convergence of research interests in the 19th century British theatre, interests supported by a collection of over 2,000 19th century British play scripts in the School of Drama Library; in hypertext theory and applications; and in the potential of the World Wide Web as an environment for scholarly working groups
    • Gilbert & Sullivan Archive: Savoy Operas
      a digest of the operas produced by Richard D'Oyly Carte at the Savoy Theatre, London, 1891-1899
    • The Circus, Theatre & Music Hall Families Page
      by Paul Newman: Resources for research into Theatre, Circus, Romany, Gypsy, Showman & other itinerant families, primarily in Great Britain. Some non-UK sources are also given.
    • Shakespeare & the Players
      by Harry Rusche, Emory University: a survey through postcards of the many now unfamiliar English and American actors who played Shakespeare's characters for late Victorian and Edwardian audiences
    • Snagged Links: On Modern Drama
      this website is the work of the students at Stetson University: browsing the web for useful internet resources on Modern and Contemporary World Drama(tists).
    • Theatre History Researches - Department of Theatre, University of Minnesota Duluth
      The Edwin Booth and Lawrence Barrett Tour performance in 1887, at The Grand Opera House - Duluth