Plays and Playwrights 



  • Electronic Text Center
    University of Virginia
  • Virtual Library - Electronic text archives and plays online
    The "plays online" section of the WWW Virtual Library for Theatre, rebuilt and expanded, now contains nearly a thousand full-text plays available freely online.
  • English Verse Drama Database
    at the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library, contains more than 2,200 works by around 500 named and over 300 anonymous works, from the Shrewsbury Fragments of the late thirteenth century through the unparalleled output of the Elizabethan and Jacobean period to the end of the nineteenth century
  • Interplay
  • The Internet Theatre Bookshop
    offers virtually every play currently published in the English language, and stocks several thousand out-of-print plays and theatre-related books, any of which can be securely purchased online
  • Labyrinth Home Page
  • Playwrights on the Web
    an international database of playwrights and their websites, offering directors, producers and publishers
  • Project Gutenberg
    Archives of Public Domain electronic texts.
  • Dramatic Exchange
    "The Dramatic Exchange is a directory on the Caltech ftp site dedicated to archiving and distributing scripts."
  • Playwright's Project
    The Playwrights Project is a not for profit organization that aims to "reforest the American Theatre through better writing."
  • Small-Cast One-ActPlay Guide
    indices of small-cast one-act plays sorted by cast size/gender, title, and author, a glossary of terms, reference sources for playwrights, and even script analyses.
  • tGp: The Goldsmiths Playlist
    database of contemporary plays and musicals in the English language compiled by the Drama Dept. of Goldsmiths College at the University of London

Playwriting & Screenwriting