UGGS - Ugg Australia versus Bearpaw!

Sheepskin boots in Australia have been around since the 1970s. The comfortable design and the variety of colors and cuts make such boots a wise choice for men, women and children. While sheepskin boots were at some time monopolized by large manufacturers (like UggAustralia), we cannot say the same for the boots industry today. Now, for those who want boots in the same price range, brands like Emu boots are available.

Ugg Australia

Ugg Australia boots is just one brand of uggs that have been widely popularized by fans and of course, resellers and the manufacturer. The brand boasts of the Classic Sheepskin boot that forms the concrete core of all the other design variants of the brand.

Like other long-standing traditions, there’s just one core design that sets the bar for the rest of the product line. Ugg Australia offer uggs online in a variety of fashions and tastes. Whether you’re a professional in the corporate world or a freewheeling artist, there’s a boot made for your temperament.

The contender - Bearpaw boots

There are contenders to the ugg boots throne. The world is simply too large and rich for just one product leader. To emphasize this point, we can compare the quality of the products of Deckers to BearPaw boots. Let’s compare the products head to head, based on the characteristics of the product. The Classic Short uggs of Deckers has a viable counterpart in BearPaw: the Eva line.

The Eva line features four distinct colors from sandy to chestnut. At eight inches, the Eva and classic uggs are nearly identical. Both are built with sheepskin and a durable outer sole but of course; the Classic Short uggs are more fashionable but also more expensive.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be any fuss about what’s what between the brands; the two companies are offering basically the same products but the quality of uggs is definitely a lot better from Deckers but you have to pay for it. Bearpaw boots are the cheaper uggs one and the Ugg Australia is the quality one.

Going for casual?

Another point of comparison would be boots made with Australian sheepskin uggs that were designed primarily for casual occasions. On the Ugg Australia side, we have pristine-cut shoes like the Bettey line. Made with strips of Australian sheepskin, the Bettey truly looks the part of a majestic pair of shoes.

But don’t be fooled; BearPaw boots has shoes for casual wear as well. Product lines like the Jasmine and the Sage are strong contenders. Made with even more wool, you’re free to express yourself with such luxuriant shoes for sure.

Other Ugg boots

The same line of logic applies to those looking for Merino wool uggs. If it’s comfort, durability and affordability that you’re looking for, make sure that you look very closely at the things on sale. Merino wool isn’t that rare, and there are many contenders as well. Just to sum up our sojourn to comparing two quality boot brands, you can choose from a wide variety of product lines under the BearPaw brand, including children’s uggs. Children’s ugg boots are smaller and barely reach six inches in height. Square-shaped and with well-toned colors, your children are sure to have a swell time playing in the snow with these boots. From the smallest boots to semi adult-sized shoes, the product lines are comprehensive.

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